Can yoga help with arthritis and joint pain?

Yoga has significant benefits for those with arthritis.  As documented at, clinical studies have shown, among other things “Significant differences between [control and yoga-practicing] groups were found for: balance, flexibility, depressive symptoms, positive and negative affect.  There was also improvement in the number of tender and swollen joints for patients with RA.”  Steffany Moonaz played a key role in those studies, and now provides classes and other resources for yoga teachers to teach to arthritis sufferers.  A countervailing perspective is that of Cramer et al who assert ” Based on the results of this review, only weak recommendations can be made for the ancillary use of yoga in the management of FM [fibromyalgia] syndrome, OA [osteoarthritis] and RA [rheumatoid arthritis] at this point”.

Also, Carson et al (2012) found that yoga is helpful for fibromyalgia.